Build a Sandbox, Not a Culture

SUMMARY: We have a responsibility to create a startup culture every bit as innovative as our products. Here’s a starting point. Reading time: 4 mins, 22 sec.

I’VE been thinking a lot lately about a perfect professional life. Perhaps it doesn’t exist. Perfection, although unattainable, is sometimes a nice place to park your dreams, letting them idle for awhile.

On Local, and Why Tech Has Only Barely Scratched the Surface

SUMMARY: In this essay, we’ll dive into the world of small business and the problems they face in hopes of bridging the gap between technologists and small business owners. By presenting their problems in startup parlance, hopefully we can all better empathize with them and build better, more helpful products. To lend support, and de-mystify aggregate government statistics that are hard to relate to, I’ll pepper this essay with my own anecdotes from local business owners befriended over the course of my last venture. Hopefully, their stories will help contextualize and ground these stats in reality. Reading time - 12 mins, 31 sec.

"LOCAL is such a crowded space" is a common refrain I hear in San Francisco and the Valley. Whenever popular euphemisms echo in the chamber, it warrants a closer look. 

The Most Lucrative Investment, Yourself

SUMMARY: In this essay, I’ll walk you through the steps I took to assuage my fears and gain the confidence to quit my job and move to San Francisco. Assessing the current tech landscape and my place within was an important first step on my journey. Then, I’ll explain how I compared defined opportunities to the esoteric idea of quitting my job and moving to San Francisco. I’ll lead you through the process of developing financial confidence and easing into living creatively. Lastly, embracing self-doubt and seeking constructive support is a pivotal, ongoing exercise that I practice and will describe in detail. Reading time - 13 mins, 43 sec.

THIS past month, I quit my job, moved to San Francisco and “took the plunge”, so to speak, and finally did it…I fully invested in myself.